b. Two Changes to Melvyl
1. Library pull down menu
A critical mass of the California State Library’s records has now been loaded into the Melvyl Catalog.  As a result, the CDL has added the California State Library to the Optional Limits – Library pull down menu on the Basic and Advanced Melvyl screens.  Users have retrieved CSL records when conducting their searches all along as long as these records have been in the catalog–they were unable until now to limit their searches to the CSL.  There are many unique CSL records in Melvyl.

The CDL will continue to add the records from the CSL’s original “snapshot” followed by its updates until loading is complete.  We anticipate this will be by early 2004.

2. Default record display
The CDL has changed the default for the number of items displayed on a screen after a search is conducted in Melvyl. The number of items displayed was increased to twenty from ten.  This change does not have an impact on records displayed in Browse, over which we have no control.