Due to a new version of Luna Insight software, the UC image collections must be accessed through new URLs, which have been changed to take advantage of some additional features.  If you are using PIDs, they have been updated.  The actual URLs for the collections are listed below in case you want to use them:

PID: http://uclibs.org/PID/32962

PID: http://uclibs.org/PID/32963

Tebtunis Papyri
PID: http://uclibs.org/PID/22416

In addition, there is a new support page:

user name: cdl
password: seecal411

This page has a link to statistics for Saskia, MOAC, and Tebtunis; the CDL is waiting for information on AMICO.  The support page also has links to the installers.  We are using the Deploy Director, which is self updating.  Once users install the Deploy Director, it will automatically notify them of updates in the future.  A direct link to the Deploy Director download appears on the pages with PIDs above.

Access rights have also changed for the databases.  A guest account for access to MOAC has been established, available from http://uclibs.org/PID/32962.  In addition, it’s now a little more restrictive for the default “ucuser” to export. See the access rights document for more information: [http://www.cdlib.org/inside/instruct/luna_insight_access_rights.rtf].