The CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of a new group of Resource Liaisons:

  • Crossfire (Tier 2): Chuck Huber, UC Santa Barbara
  • CRCnetBase: Deanna Johnson, UC Davis
  • Digital Library of German Classics (Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker): Jim Spohrer, UC Berkeley
  • MIT Press Journals: Deborah Kegel, UC San Diego
  • New England Journal of Medicine: Keir Reavie, UC San Francisco
  • New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal current files via ProQuest: Peter Bliss, UC Riverside
  • Project MUSE: Dan Goldstein, UC Davis
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Journals: Cory Craig, UC Davis
  • Thieme Journals (Tier 2): Mary Linn Bergstrom, UC San Diego

The Resource Liaisons perform an extremely valuable service to all the campuses by making sure our licensed resources work to our satisfaction in the best possible way for users.  Please welcome these new Resource Liaisons, and feel free to contact them for any needs you may have related to access, content, user interfaces, and educational materials for their assigned resources.