University of California faculty can now use the eScholarship Repository to provide free, open access to peer-reviewed series and journals online at

The eScholarship Repository’s new peer-review capability provides UC faculty with several benefits.  By publishing a journal or peer-reviewed series in the eScholarship Repository, faculty can automate and speed up the review and publication process, and publish associated content alongside articles.  In addition, the Repository provides faculty with an alternative to publishing their research in for-profit journals.

The first peer-reviewed journal in the eScholarship Repository is San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, published by the John Muir Institute of the Environment at UC Davis.  It joins other peer-reviewed materials in the eScholarship Repository, including papers and edited volumes from the UC International and Area Studies Digital Collection.

The CDL expects the number of peer-reviewed papers and journals to grow substantially in coming months, with the addition of scientific monographs and other content from the University of California Press, as well as new journals sponsored by departments at several UC campuses, including InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies.  Additionally, Comitatus, a 34-year-old journal sponsored by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, will be migrating to the eScholarship Repository this spring.

For information about how UC departments, centers, and research units can join the eScholarship Repository, go to:

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