The Current Contents database has been added to the list of two other journal article databases (the Computer Database and National Newspaper Index) that are being deselected by the UC libraries.  Current Contents will be cancelled as of January 2005.  The Computer Database and the National Newspaper Index will be cancelled as of July 2004.

These cuts are necessary because the UC Resource Sharing Fund was reduced substantially for 2003/04 and subsequent years. The UC campus libraries made their decisions under the direction of the University Librarians in consultation with the Collection Development Committee (CDC) and the CDL Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC).

There is a 100 percent content overlap of Current Contents in the larger Web of Science database (both Current Contents and Web of Science are ISI databases).  Users who search Current Contents will get much more content by searching Web of Science.

The CDL and Resource Liaison Beth Weil (UC Berkeley) have negotiated for free alerts and additional ports in Web of Science. Beth is analyzing turn away data before the final group of ports is allocated.  Information about setting up alerts is available at:

See for more detailed information.