Programming to update the UC Irvine journal records in Melvyl was implemented Thursday, May 6.  (These records have not been updated since 11/13/02 because of a change in Irvine’s output method for serials to meet CDL’s revised standard.  The necessary work was recently completed on Irvine’s part, and by CDL staff who wrote a new conversion program so that the records could be added.)  The UC Irvine files began being processed on Tuesday, May 11.  The CDL anticipates the UCI journal records should be loaded into Melvyl by approximately May 17th, at which time we will place a note in the periwinkle box on the Basic Melvyl screen noting the change.

UC Hastings College of the Law journal records, which had not yet been present in this version of Melvyl, are also being added this month (May 2004).  Hastings monographs are currently in Melvyl.