The CDL recently hosted four one-day workshops, “Digital Library Services for UC’s Libraries.” The workshops took place May 20 and 21 in Oakland, June 3 at UC Irvine, and June 4 at UCLA.

More than 250 UC library staff attended, plus non-UC Users Council partners, and some campus information technology staff. The slide presentations from the workshops, along with a glossary of terms, speakers’ names, and lists of attendees, are now available online:

Thanks especially to host campuses UC Irvine and UCLA in the south, and to our campus partners who assisted with talks and presentations:

  • Christine Bunting, UC Santa Cruz
  • Maureen Burns, UC Irvine (Campus Visual Resource Curator)
  • Jared Campbell, UC Davis
  • Stephen Davison, UCLA
  • Mary Elings, UC Berkeley
  • Genie Guerard, UCLA
  • Christy Hightower, UC Santa Cruz
  • Carol Ann Hughes, UC Irvine
  • Jennifer Jacobs, UC Irvine
  • Nancy Kushigian, UC Davis
  • Bill Landis, UC Irvine
  • Lisa Mix, UC San Francisco
  • Kati Radics, UCLA
  • Hannah Walker, UCLA