For the past several months, CDL staff have been developing the core infrastructure for the UC Libraries Digital Preservation Repository, which will launch in 2005.   The infrastructure consists of a set of services that support the long-term retention of digital objects for the benefit of the UC libraries, their affiliates (e.g., campus museums), and their users.  The services and associated storage are based at the CDL.

Authorized users at the UC libraries will have the ability to submit digital objects, request their dissemination, and ask for administrative reports.  Multiple versions of an object can be deposited, and individual versions of an object can be removed or replaced.  External access will be restricted to those authorized by the library depositing the digital object.

Digital objects submitted to the digital preservation repository must result from research, teaching, or learning at UC, and be of persistent value to the broader UC community.  Campus libraries will select materials based on guiding principles of value and rights.

The digital preservation repository’s development phase is expected to last through September 2004.  In a pilot phase from September through December 2004, the CDL will test the digital preservation repository’s infrastructure by depositing content, evaluating systems, and making refinements.  During this period, presentations and needs assessment will take place for all 10 campuses.  CDL preservation program staff will be contacting your campus soon.

In January, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco will begin depositing content in the digital preservation repository as a small pilot phase.  UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz will be given training so they can begin depositing content in March.  The full rollout of the digital preservation repository to all campuses is planned for March 17, 2005.  A detailed timeline can be found at:

This summer, the CDL digital preservation group convened an ad-hoc meeting of digital preservation repository pilot users from UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco.  The meeting helped the CDL gain a better understanding of how the campuses envision using the digital preservation repository while providing campus representatives with an overview of the repository’s services.

More information about the CDL’s digital preservation program and the digital preservation repository is available on Inside CDL at: