The UC campuses will have systemwide access to a new business resource on October 1, 2004: EBSCO Business Source Premier.  At the same time, there will be continued systemwide access to ProQuest ABI Inform through August 1, 2005.  After that, the CDL license for ABI Inform will not be renewed.

The CDL has enlisted a UC Davis library staff member, Adam Siegel, to help with the transition from ABI Inform to EBSCO during the next few months.  He will serve as the point person for campus training and instructional materials, and will provide database search assistance.  His contact information is listed below.


Last spring, the Collection Development Committee (CDC) asked the Business/Economics bibliographer group to compare and evaluate content in ProQuest ABI Inform and EBSCO Business Source Premier.  UC library staff had already completed an evaluation trial of EBSCO’s product and were familiar with its content, functionality, and search features.

The task force, with input from seven campuses, concluded that both databases have unique strengths and exclusive content, and provide complementary coverage of business subjects.  However, in light of current UC budget cuts, their recommendation was to transition to the EBSCO product in 2005.  The CDC asked each campus to comment on the potential transition, and their collective recommendation was for the CDL to begin a transition to the EBSCO product in lieu of continuing ABI Inform.

The CDL negotiated a Business Source Premier license with EBSCO that provides access at no additional cost over ABI Inform pricing, and guarantees price stability for the next four years.

Through SCAP funding, the CDL currently pays for ABI Inform as a systemwide license. Beginning on July 1, 2005, CDL will use these funds to pay for EBSCO Business Source Premier and will not renew the ABI Inform license when it ends on August 1, 2005.

Moving Forward

Campuses have two choices if they have an interest in continuing ABI Inform after August 1, 2005:

  1. Individual campuses can license ABI Inform and pay the annual subscription with local funds.
  2. If there is enough interest, the CDL will facilitate a Tier 2 license with consortial pricing and co-investment by the participating campuses.

Several people from EBSCO will be conducting training sessions, and they are prepared to begin training this month.  To set up training sessions, and to get additional EBSCO information, contact Adam Siegel, EBSCO-ABI Inform Transition Lead, UC Davis,, (530) 754-6826.