Thanks to some changes provided by Ex Libris, the producers of the software that underlies the Melvyl Catalog, requesting multiple items at one time is now significantly easier.

Users that have a Windows-based PC workstation or a Macintosh using Opera or any Mozilla-based web browser (Mozilla, Firebird, Firefox, Camino, or Netscape) can Request one or several items from the multi-record display (default) without saving the items first. When Requesting items from the multi-record display, it is no longer necessary to sign in at the top of the Request form if users have previously signed into the Melvyl Catalog during their session.  Single item Requests can still be made from the full record display, as can multi-item Requests from the saved items screen, if desired.

Users that have a Macintosh and that use the Safari, OmniWeb, or Internet Explorer web browsers are able to Request a single item from the full record display and multiple items only from the saved items screen.  This method still requires users to sign in with their user ID and password at the top of the Request form.

Very important: The greatest deterrent to the Request service working correctly is having popup blocking software enabled on your workstation.  Popup blocking software must be disabled for the Request service to function. Please be sure that popup blocking is disabled on your workstation, or that and have been added to your list of sites that allow the use of popup windows.