The CDL only reluctantly makes changes in systemwide databases or database platforms so as to minimize change for users and minimize the work for the campuses and the CDL.  At the same time, due to deselections, marketplace challenges and opportunities, and recommendations from Resource Liaisons, bibliographer groups, or the Collection Development Committee (CDC), these transitions do occur with increasing frequency.

Database transitions will be handled in as “routine” a fashion as possible, utilizing existing all-campus groups and CDL liaisons, with no special appointment of “transition teams”.  Processes, checklists and other tools developed by the CDL and campus groups for previous transitions will also aid in making these transitions as smooth as possible.

To that end, CDL staff will consult with and inform groups appropriate to particular database decisions and transitions and will assure that all campuses are involved in and informed of transitions. Resource Liaisons, relevant bibliographer groups, the Users Council representatives (responsible for assuring that all campus library staff are informed), the CDC, and the Heads of Public Services will also be involved.

The CDL will coordinate these transitions with public services staff and will also assure that the technical work occasioned by database transitions (such as shared cataloging records, UC-eLinks adjustments, etc.) will be instigated.

For a fuller description of transition activities, see the database overlapping principles at: The CDL will attempt to adhere to all of these principles.