The campus libraries are full participants in adding their campus-licensed resources to the UC-eLinks program. Along with the CDL, they have added many new targets (including journal aggregators, library catalogs, full text books, journal publishers and more) and titles in the past year.  This expansion enables users to easily discover and have immediate access to a growing array of materials.

The CDL currently has activated 121 targets reaching more than 19,000 titles.  The campuses have turned on from one to 60 targets, with the average being 28 targets representing an average of 2,696 additional titles.

The more targets and titles activated by the libraries, the better the situation is for users.  If a campus has not turned on a target, but has a subscription to full text, the user can only discover the full text by clicking through to the campus catalog or the Melvyl Catalog.  The more campuses participate in adding their resources, the less often this extra step will have to be taken for titles the libraries have actually licensed.