a. Joan Ariel Joins the Office of Systemwide Planning Shared Print Program

UC Irvine Distinguished Librarian Joan Ariel has accepted the position of Shared Print Planning Manager with the Office of Systemwide Library Planning Shared Print Program. In her new role, Joan will be responsible for leading a collaborative systemwide effort to develop plans, strategies, and cost models for pilot projects for the UC libraries’ shared monographic collection building.

Joan’s leadership contributions to UC libraries and to the library profession are too numerous to list. They center around her commitment to collaboration and wise collection management. She brings to this position a long history of leading UC librarians in efforts to implement collaborative collection-building projects. Long before the UC libraries began programmatic efforts in the area of shared print, Joan was developing and administering shared purchases through the SCAP program.

This is an 11-month position. Joan will be working primarily from an office in the Southern Regional Library Facility, and will be traveling to Northern California and to Oakland as necessary.

Please join the Shared Print Program in welcoming Joan.

b. Tracy Seneca Joints the CDL as a Web Archiving Coordinator

The CDL is pleased to announce that Tracy Seneca has joined the CDL as our new Web Archiving Coordinator.  Tracy is on a three-year contract position and will be working on the “Web at Risk”(NDIIPP grant-funded) project.  She will work primarily with CDL staff and grant partners to plan, assess, analyze, and design a user interface for web-archiving tools.  Activities may include creating use cases, functional requirements, evaluation methods, and user interface designs.

Some of you might know Tracy from her days at the Teaching Library on the UC Berkeley campus.  For the past several years, Tracy has worked at the DePaul University Libraries as their Library Web Services Coordinator.  In addition to designing and developing the library web sites, Tracy has been active in designing and developing user interfaces for a number of library applications.  These include Instruction Builder, a learning content management system, and CCRS, a copyright tracking and requesting system.  While working at DePaul, Tracy also managed to obtain a Master of Arts in Applied Technology.

Please join us in welcoming Tracy to the CDL.