UC’s shared image collections are accessed using Luna Insight.

a. Luna Insight Software version 5.1 Released

The following are key enhancements to the user interface.  A complete list of new features in Insight version 5.1 is available on the Luna web site.

Java client:

  • Re-ordering of Image Groups based on a custom order.  Image Groups can now be ordered to meet your own needs.  Simply create an Image Group; add images; and drag and drop them into any order you choose, then save.
  • New presentations maintain the Image Group’s sort order when the presentation is created.
  • Annotations are now included in Image Export data.
  • Annotations and metadata are now included in the Presentation Export to HTML, PowerPoint on Windows, and Keynote.
  • Users may now specify the number of items per page (50, 100, or 250).

Browser Insight:

  • BrowserInsight now supports Safari 1.2+ (Apple’s web browser).
  • Users may now resize the image workspace’s floating data window.

b. Luna Insight Software Now hosted at CDL — URLs Changed

Following the conclusion of the Image Demonstrator project in December 2004, the CDL committed to hosting the shared UC image collections using Luna Insight for at least two years.  As of March 2005, the UC image collections in Insight are being hosted at CDL rather than by Luna Imaging.

As a result, the URLs to the browser version of Insight have changed.  If you are using the persistent URL (PID) shown below to link to a collection, you do not need to make any changes as the PIDs have remained the same.

Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)
Interim page: [http://www.cdlib.org/hlp/directory/amico.html] (suggested URL)

Direct links to the web version:

Library of UC Images/Saskia


  • You will find the Saskia collection listed as UC Share: CDL Saskia Art & Architecture on the ARTstor home page under Institutional Collections.
  • Persistent URL (PID): http://uclibs.org/PID/32963
  • URL: http://imageservice.cdlib.org:8081/BrowserInsight/BrowserInsight?cmd=start&un=ucuser&pw=ucuser&cid=VRA-100-NA&iia=0&ig=Library%20of%20UC%20Images/Saskia&isl=0&gwisp=&gwia=0&gc=0

MOAC (Museums in the Online Archive of California)


Direct links to the web version:

  • Persistent URL (PID): http://uclibs.org/PID/32962
  • URL: http://imageservice.cdlib.org:8081/BrowserInsight/BrowserInsight?cmd=start&un=ucuser&pw=ucuser&cid=MOAC-100-NA&iia=0&ig=Museums%20%26%20the%20Online%20Archive%20of%20CA&isl=0&gwisp=&gwia=0&gc=0

Tebtunis Papyri

Direct links to the web version:

  • Persistent URL (PID): http://uclibs.org/PID/22416
  • URL: http://imageservice.cdlib.org:8081/BrowserInsight/BrowserInsight?cmd=start&un=ucuser&pw=ucuser&cid=TPC-102-NA&iia=0&ig=Tebtunis%20Papyri-Bancroft%20Library&isl=0&gwisp=&gwia=0&gc=0

For more information on the image collections available via Luna Insight, see the CDLINFO from July 10, 2003, Vol. 6, No. 11 or the Inside CDL Image Services page.