In 2004, the CDL formed a new internal team called the Resource Wranglers to proactively handle issues and tackle problems related to CDL-licensed article databases and ejournals.  The team communicates UC’s needs to vendors, tracks vendor issues, and follows up on these issues to ensure that they are resolved.

The group meets monthly and is comprised of CDL staff responsible for Resource Liaisons issues; CDL Helpline and user feedback; outreach, instruction, and education; business and licensing issues; linking technology and IP authentication; and database and ejournal issues as reported by the Resource Liaisons.

Some examples of activities include:

  • Surveying to determine whether vendors offer campus-level “branding,” and to determine preferred “official” campus library names.
  • Working with vendors to improve the user interface and functionality of databases.
  • A critical review of information presented on the Inside CDL web site, such as sections for Resource Liaisons and Collection Development.
  • Creation of guidelines and principles documents such as the User Interface Principles for Vendors

More information about the Resource Wranglers can be found at