Beginning August 15th the Expanded Academic ASAP database licensed by CDL, will have a new interface.  The Thomson Gale PowerSearch interface provides a number of new features and services that UC users will welcome.  Enhanced search screens will allow users to move quickly and easily from general keyword searches to more precise, targeted searches.  Improved search display results include numbered citations, tabbed source displays (e.g. “Magazine & Journal Articles, Newspapers, etc.”), highlighted subject terms and the ability to quickly expand or limit searches from the results page.  New tools include a Citation Generator which allows users to save citations in MLA or APA style formats, or export them to third party software like EndNote, ProCite and ReferenceWorks.

A Powerpoint tour of the new interface is available at:  An in-depth, context sensitive, help guide is also available.

CDL will be distributing new links to EAI shortly.  While existing links to both the database and the InfoMarks will continue to work, Thomson Gale and CDL strongly recommend switching to the new links and updating all InfoMarks.

If you have questions or comments about the new interface please feel free to contact me.

Frank Gravier, Expanded Academic ASAP Resource Liaison