CDL has added the Hartill Art and Architecture collection of 16,660 images.  Hartill is available to all campuses.  The images are primarily of architecture and include works from major periods, and monuments such as the Great Pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge, and the Viet Nam War Memorial.  The collection covers the architectural history of the Western world from earliest antiquity through the present, and from the Middle East to the Americas.  It includes thousands of details of architectural decoration, mosaics, sculpture and stained glass, as well as related decorative arts and public sculpture.  The collection is exceptionally strong in European medieval architecture and sculpture of the Romanesque and Gothic periods; additionally, modern architecture and sculpture are both especially well represented.

Acquisition Background:

Alec Hartill of Hartill Art Associates, Inc., ARTstor and the California Digital Library reached an agreement to collaborate on the archiving, digitization and distribution of approximately 20,000 high quality slides, created by both Alec and Marlene Hartill of Hartill Art Associates, Inc. over the past 26 years.  The images reproduce architecture and the built environment from antiquity to the present, and include thousands of details of architectural sculpture, mosaics and stained glass.  Under the agreement, the California Digital Library purchased an archival set of the slides, which will be housed at one or more University of California campus libraries and made available for noncommercial educational and scholarly purposes. ARTstor is digitizing those slides, and the digital images will be incorporated into noncommercial educational resources supported, respectively, by ARTstor and the University of California.  (Read the full press release