At long last Gale has everything in place the switch to the new Expanded Academic ASAP platform, will now occur on September 21.  This is the switch that was previously scheduled to happen on August 15, and was delayed so that OpenURL support would have the same level of functionality as it does now.& See the earlier announcement in the August 11 issue of CDLINFO.

Expanded Academic ASAP is the only Gale database that needs to use a new URL.  Gale will map the old URL to the new platform so users will go to the new Gale interface on Wednesday, September 21, even if using the “old” URL for access.  However, users will not get the full benefit of the fixes that come with the platform change until they use the new URL.  We encourage the campuses to update any URLs that are on campus web pages.

Why we need to make the change to the new URL:

  • The new platform makes access to items via InfoMarks more reliable for multi-user access, e.g., when used in a class web page or reading list.  This should resolve the issue of multiple clicks to get an InfoMark to work that campuses have reported (a.k.a multiple cookies issue) and result in better access.
  • Users will now see all Gale databases available for their campus on the Gale database list regardless of their starting point, resolving the appearing/disappearing database problem some users have experienced when using campus licensed Gale resources and systemwide licensed records.
  • Search results are numbered.
  • Z39.80 support (the draft NISO standard for formatting items for citation management software).
  • Upgraded usage statistics.