The CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of the following CDL Resource Liaisons:

ArtBibliographies Modern (Tier 2) — Krista Ivy, UC Riverside
Bibliography of the History of Art — Susan Jurist, UC San Diego
Contemporary Women’s Issues — Sherri Barnes, UC Santa Barbara
18th Century Online (ECCO) — Michaelyn Burnette, UC Berkeley
Film Index International — Lisa Kernan, UCLA
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Database — Gary Colmenar, UC Santa Barbara
GenderWatch — Dan Tsang, UC Irvine
Gerritsen Collection: Women’s History Online — Sylvia Hu, UC Riverside
Index to 19th Century American Art Periodicals — Susan Jurist, UC San Diego
International Film Archive (FIAF) — Gary Handman, UC Berkeley
International Index to Music Periodicals — Liza Vick, UC Irvine
Music Index (Tier 2) — Paul Machlis, UC Santa Cruz
PAIS International — Marcia Meister, UC Davis
SCIPIO: Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogs — Susan Jurist, UC San Diego
Women & Social Movements – Jane Faulkner, UC Santa Barbara
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts — Roberta Medford, UCLA

Each Resource Liaison serves as UC’s “resident expert” on one or more of our systemwide licensed resources, providing information on vendor performance and resource content to the CDL.  The Resource Liaison is also responsible for sharing information and soliciting opinions from colleagues regarding their assigned resource.

A full list of CDL Resource Liaisons can be found at <>