The database provider, NISC, has asked the CDL to move to a new interface as of November 1.  UC licenses the following databases from NISC (Your campus may license additional databases as well.):

African Studies
Black Studies Database
Family and Society Studies Worldwide
Left Index
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
RIPM: Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals 1800-1950
RISM International Inventory of Musical Sources
Sexual Diversity Studies
Women’s Studies International

The new interface solves some long-standing problems with the current interface.  The primary reasons for the new interface are the following:

  1. NISC has asked us to move to the new interface since this would resolve the majority of complaints they receive from UC users.
  2. The new interface presents UC-eLinks appropriately.
  3. The new interface allows users to locate Advanced Search easily.
  4. The new interface’s use of tabs brings NISC in line with conventions used by other vendors.
  5. Because of the significant improvements in usability, we want the end users to have access to the new interface sooner rather than later.

You can preview the new interface by going to: and selecting NISC.

No changes are required on the part of campuses.