By Myrtis Cochran (Resource Liaison), UC Berkeley

Changes have been made to enhance the interface and functionality of the Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) and Periodicals Contents Index—Full Text (PCI-FT) databases.  Each database has a new name.  PCI is now called Periodicals Index Online, and PCI Full Text is now Periodicals Archive Online.

Users who want only full text can go straight to Periodicals Archive Online, where every hit is linked to text. Users who prefer to conduct comprehensive, in-depth research can study the 16 million citations in Periodicals Index Online.  Users can still link directly from citations in Periodicals Index Online to the full text in Periodicals Archive Online; in JSTOR, via dedicated links; or in other sources, via UC-eLinks.

Transition to the new versions should be smooth and transparent.  Names in your OPACs, guides and other internal records should be changed.

The content already included in Periodicals Archive Online is being enhanced by the addition of more non-article content such as ads, and more searchable full text from the older collections.

Users can see results by journal ranking (most hits), language of journal, and dates, with refinements for any combination of those filters.  Sort options include ranking by relevancy, journal, earliest dates, and most current dates.  A new Quick Search capability lets users conduct simple queries from any page.

To choose among these options — regular email updates, downloadable brochures for both products, and a PowerPoint presentation showing the new search capabilities.

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