By Cheryl A. Bartel (UCLA), PubMed Resource Liaison

PubMed has made changes to the limits screen.  The majority of the limits are functionally the same. The presentation, however, is dramatically different.  Instead of the single short screen with drop-down menus, the screen is now in a table format with scrolling lists of checkboxes.  One of the advantages of the new system is that it is far easier to make multiple choices. For example, you can now easily check “English,” “French,” and “Spanish” as article languages.

The new screen also allows you to search for articles by a specific author or in a specific journal directly from the limits screen.  The method for this function is very similar to using Single Citation Matcher.

Because the current limits screen is so visually different from the previous one, if you have any educational materials featuring limits, you will need to update them.