By Ruby Bell-Gam (Resource Liaison), UCLA

NISC is discontinuing its “African Studies” database, replacing it with the more comprehensive “Africa-Wide NiPAD”, which includes all of the content of two NISC databases, “African Studies” and “South African Studies”.  The new database solves the problem of fuzzy boundaries in scope between its two predecessors.

CDL access to Africa-Wide NiPAD on the NISC Biblioline platform began on May 1, 2006.  NISC will no longer offer African Studies as a separate database, and although South African Studies continues to exist separately, campuses that previously subscribed to the latter will no longer need to do so, since it is now included in the merged Africa-Wide NiPAD.

The CDL consortial agreement with NISC provides for the following access types to Africa-Wide NiPAD for UC campuses:

  1. Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara; five concurrent users each;
  2. Merced, and Santa Cruz; one concurrent user each.

The Africa-Wide NiPAD URL is: