The CDL’s technical requirements for database and ejournal vendors were updated in April 2006.  These documents reflect new or revised sections on information security, preservation, metasearch, and authentication via Shibboleth.  They are intended to be shared with database and ejournal vendors, with campus staff who work with these vendors, and with those interested in documents that address “the major technicalissues of [UC’s] decision-making process, and offer vendors insight into our preferred solutions, why they’re important to UC, and what their implications are for prospective vendors.”  These documents can be shared with vendors at professional conferences this spring and summer, and beyond.

The CDL’s Resource Liaisons have contributed greatly to UC’s continued success in setting high standards for services from our database and ejournal vendors.  The Resource Liaisons will continue to use these requirements when working with our vendors.

The technical requirements documents are available on CDL’s Vendor and Content provider page under Technical Guidelines: