a. ATLA Religion Database, Index Islamicus, Philosopher’s Index

By Jan Carter, UC Berkeley

The CDL is pleased to announce access to three new databases in philosophy and religious studies available from CSA.

The ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Religion Database indexes journal articles, book reviews and collections of essays in all scholarly fields of religious studies.  All of the major faiths are represented including a wide selection of Christian traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, and Pentecostal), Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism and Confucianism.  Subject coverage is broad, making this a useful resource not only for those interested in religious studies but also for those doing historical, cultural, and area studies research.  Over 600 journals are currently indexed.Coverage extends back to 1949.  The database is updated quarterly.

Index Islamicus is an extensive bibliography of materials written in European languages on Islam, the Middle East and the Muslim world.  Included are works about the Middle East, the Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, and Muslim minorities elsewhere.  Subject coverage ranges broadly over the history, beliefs, societies, cultures, languages and literatures of the Muslim world.  Journal articles, books, reviews, and essays are indexed. Over 3000 journals are monitored for inclusion.  Coverage is 1906-present.  The index is updated annually.

The Philosopher’s Index offers extensive indexing and author-written abstracts for scholarly research appearing in journal articles, books, book contributions, and reviews in all areas of philosophy, including aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, political and social philosophy, and the philosophy of disciplines such as anthropology, education, history and science.  550 journals from more than 40 countries are indexed.  Coverage begins with 1940.  The database is updated quarterly.

b. Bentham Science Journals

By Mary Ann Mahoney, UC Berkeley

Six UC campuses (UCB, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, and UCSF) recently signed a Tier 2 license for online access to eight journals published by Bentham Science:

  • Current Organic Chemistry (Volume 10, Issues 1-18, 2006-)
  • Current Medicinal Chemistry (Volume 13, Issues 1 – 30, 2006-)
  • Current Pharmaceutical Design (Volume 12, Issues 1-36, 2006-)
  • Current Protein and Peptide Science (Volume 7, Issues 1-6, 2006-)
  • Current Molecular Medicine (Volume 6, Issues 1-8, 2006-)
  • Drug Targets CNS & Neurological Disorders: (Volume 5, Issues 1-6, 2006-)
  • Current HIV Research (Volume 4, Issues 1-4, 2006-)
  • Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening (Volume 9, Issues 1-10, 2006-)

More information about Bentham is at http://www.bentham.org/.  UCB’s Mary Ann Mahoney led the negotiation process for this Tier 2 license.