This summer the Scholarly Communications Officers completed work on three toolkits to help librarians when discussing scholarly communication issues with faculty and each other.  One toolkit deals with the economic issues surrounding scholarly communication, a second deals with the role of scholarly societies in helping to improve scholarly communication, and the third deals with copyright issues associated with research publications.  Each includes talking points for faculty discussion and ways that faculty can take action.  Pointers to resources and reusable handouts are also included. Links to the tool kits can be found at:

The SCO group is hoping these will be helpful to the entire UC library community as we discuss these complex topics with our faculty. So please take a look and let your SCO representative (see below) know if there is content missing, other toolkits you would like to see, or other ways in which the SCO group can assist librarians in understanding these issues. SCO meets quarterly and is constantly monitoring and discussing ways to improve communication about these and related issues.

UC Berkeley – Margaret Phillips
UC Davis – Gail Yokote
UC Irvine – Lorelei Tanji
UC Los Angeles – Cindy Shelton
UC Merced – Donald Barclay
UC Riverside – Emily Stambaugh
UC San Diego – Susan Starr
UC San Francisco – Gail Persily
UC Santa Barbara – Brad Eden
UC Santa Cruz – Beth Remak-Honnef
CDL – Catherine Candee
CDL – John Ober
LAUC Representative – Janet Carter