Request now uses the user’s IP address or a campus designation passed from UC-eLinks to determine the user’s home campus and provide the appropriate campus form. If the user’s IP address is not a valid UC IP address the user will be asked to select a home campus. Users coming in from a valid UC IP address that is not on their home campus will be offered the option to change the home campus.

Other changes:

  • The data collection fields are now campus specific; if the campus does not use a PIN, the data collection box for a PIN has been removed.
  • The user information (library card/account number, PIN, and email address) is now grouped together.
  • The delivery method of choice option (web or print) has been removed, since the policy is to send electronic whenever possible. Users that require print only should include this information in the Notes field.
  • The separate selection box for DDS pickup location has been removed since DDS is now offered from within the Request session.
  • For most campuses, the departmental affiliation field has been removed.

Reminder: If you have created any training materials that show screenshots of the Request form, you will need to update these materials to show the new version of the form.