Bob Heyer-Gray (UCD) — Interim Resource Liaison Coordinator

By Ivy Anderson

As many of you know, Heather Christenson, who has served as Resource Liaison Coordinator at the CDL since 2002, has recently assumed the role of CDL Project Manager for the UC implementation of Verde, the electronic resource management system from Ex Libris. With this new challenge, the Resource Liaison program must reluctantly bid Heather a fond farewell. CDL would like to take this opportunity to convey its thanks to Heather for her outstanding years of service to this program. Under Heather’s leadership, the RL program has become an important systemwide tool for e-resource management, a potent force for keeping our vendors honest, and a model of good electronic resource stewardship within the profession.

Happily for the CDL, we have been able to arrange a terrific interim replacement for Heather while we recruit for a permanent staff member. Robert Heyer-Gray, Collection Development/Reference Librarian at the UC Davis Science and Engineering Library, has graciously accepted a part-time appointment as Interim Resource Liaison Coordinator at the CDL through August 2007. Bob’s extensive systemwide experience, his deep understanding of the RL program, the quality of his contributions as resource liaison for a number of CDL-licensed products, and the respect he commands among his colleagues make him an ideal candidate to take on this coordinating role. Bob’s assignments will include organizing and facilitating the Annual Resource Liaison Meeting in April, compiling the annual Vendor Report Card survey, working with Wendy Parfrey and other CDL staff on the recruitment of new Resource Liaisons, and serving as a general point person for resource liaison issues. Resource liaisons throughout UC can look forward to communications from Bob very soon on all of these topics.

The CDL greatly appreciates UC Davis’s generosity in making Bob’s expertise available while the permanent RL Coordinator position remains vacant.   Bob will remain based at the UC Davis campus while he fulfills this interim assignment.  Feel free to contact him at