By Ellen Meltzer, CDL Information Services Manager

Many of your colleagues have NOT been having a quiet summer, but have been intensely engaged in delving into how a Next Generation Melvyl Catalog, supported by the WorldCat Local Service might work, given the complexities of 10 unique UC campus libraries, 4 different Integrated Library Systems (ILS) among the 10 campuses, and an uncountable variety of practices among us all, not to mention understanding the challenges of OCLC’s systems and work flows.  Task group members, guided by impressive group leads, have displayed an enormous amount of passion, work and effort.

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The items below were added to the web site since the beginning of August.

New task group charges added include:

  • Circulation Transactions Task Group, added 8/6/07
  • Mass Digitized Content Task Group, added 8/29/07

New task group reports added:

  • UC-eLinks Task Group Interim Report, dated 7/25/07
  • Request/Resource Sharing Final Report, dated 8/7/07

New Joint UC-OCLC Task Group charges added:

  • Local Information, added 8/8/07
  • Delivery Services, added 8/9/07

New Update:

  • Follow Up to UL-SOPAG Report — June 13, 2007, added 8/23/07

Three previously planned task groups are being put on hold for the moment: “Buy-It” links, Authentication, and Mining Authority Records for Recommending.  As the project progresses, we will re-evaluate launching these groups.

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