By Ivy Anderson, Director of CDL Collection Development & Management

Bob Heyer-Gray (UCD) recently undertook a part-time appointment as Interim Resource Liaisons Coordinator at the CDL through August 2007.  Bob did a wonderful job in this temporary assignment organizing the April 2007 Resource Liaisons meeting, gathering and organizing the annual vendor evaluations from the RLs for the 2006/2007 resource work plan, working on the recruitment of new Resource Liaisons, and serving as a general point person for Resource Liaison issues.  The CDL has had to release Bob to take up his new role as LAUC President.  Bob, many thanks for your months of service to the CDL and your UC colleagues.

Beginning immediately, please contact Wendy Parfrey for questions and assistance with Resource Liaison-related matters.  Wendy can be reached at

CDL hopes to launch the recruitment for a reconfigured position incorporating Resource Liaisons coordination responsibilities in the next few months.