By Ellen Meltzer, CDL Information Services Manager

In the month of September 2007, UC task groups and joint UC-OCLC workgroups have continued their inquiry and exploration and formed thoughtful, well reasoned recommendations aimed at creating an enhanced Next Generation Melvyl Pilot, supported by the WorldCat Local Service. 

The UC-OCLC Pilot Project Implementation and Executive Teams want to thank not only the many members of the task groups, but also all those who have filled in behind incredibly busy colleagues. Thank you so much!

You can read and study the reports of these groups (and be enlightened) at the project’s website:

Items released in September include

New Task Group charge:
Help & End User Support Task Group

New Task Group reports:
Local Bibliographic Data Task Group
Core Data to Store in the OCLC Local Holdings Record (LHR)

Report of the Non-Roman Search and Display Task Group

Final Report of Use Cases: Searching Serials & Series Task Group

Report of the Browse Search Task Group

Report of the Searching Special Collections/Archives Task Group: Challenges of Meeting User Needs

Report of the Searching Government Information/Maps/GIS Task Group

Searching Music Task Group Use Cases

Circulation Transactions Final Report

Appendix A: Institution Registry Responses for 4 ILSs in UC
Appendix B: Holds & Recalls at Each Campus

New Update:
Reclamation, Retrospective Loads and the UC Libraries

Congratulations on the very impressive, thoughtful work that moves the UC libraries closer to a Next Generation Melvyl Pilot.