By Lena Zentall, CDL UC Image Service Manager

ARTstor and CDL representatives met with faculty and stakeholders at all 9 campuses participating in the ARTstor systemwide license, beginning with Berkeley on September 13 and concluding with a whirlwind tour of the final 8 campuses in 8 days from October 15-24, 2007.

The joint CDL/ARTstor campus visits attracted large numbers of faculty, staff, administrators and other stakeholders who were enthusiastic about using ARTstor and welcomed the collaborative opportunities and efficiencies of participating in UC Shared Images. We held two 90-minute sessions at each campus — a demonstration of ARTstor, and a meeting with stakeholders to discuss integration with ARTstor and UC Shared Images.

We were elated with the tremendous diversity of faculty, staff, administrators, and other stakeholders and with the many compelling questions and comments we received. We were pleased to see the large number of disciplines interested in using ARTstor and it was gratifying to hear the plans of instructional technology staff at the new ARTstor campuses for promoting ARTstor and installing the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer (OIV) for faculty and students.

Upcoming will be a summary of issues raised and next steps in implementing UC Shared Images.

For more information, contact Lena Zentall, Image Service Manager (; 510.987.9233).