By Ellen Meltzer, CDL Information Services Manager

OCLC’s monthly enhancements in the Next Generation Melvyl Pilot supported by WorldCat Local (WCL) are based on input from bug reports submitted by the Implementation Team, via feedbacks from end users, survey responses, and usability testing.  Several of these improvements come from University of California Next Gen Melvyl users.

Beginning this month, now that all campuses will be in session, the link to the user satisfaction survey in the web banner of Next Gen Melvyl has been changed to a bold font and has been moved to a separate line to enhance its visibility.

Another change not mentioned below is that the terminology in the formats section of Advanced Search.  The language now reads, “Journals/Magazines/Newspapers” instead of  “Serials/Magazines/Newspapers”.  This change was made in part based on UC’s usability testing.

The September install updates were written by OCLC staff members Cheryl Snowdon, Bob Robertson-Boyd, and Mela Kircher (with a few additional notes from me).

Enhancement:  Serial records no longer display personal authors under the title

What it is

In serial records, personal authors (100 and 700 MARC fields) no longer show up under the title in the brief or detailed display.  Instead they show up as “editors” in the details tab.

What it means for the user

Serials are not written by single individuals but are made up of articles by individuals.  Therefore it is confusing to users to show an individual author of a serial.

Before install:
Who's who
After September install:

Who's who image02

Enhancement:  New sorting option “Relevance Only”

What it is

A new sorting option is being added to the sort by drop down.  Relevance only uses the algorithm for relevancy by evaluating the appearance and proximity of the searched terms within the WorldCat record.

The default sort is Relevance and Location.

What it means for the user

Users can change the sort option if they are more interested in relevant items regardless of what’s in their library.  Note:  In UC’s usability testing, it was found that researchers want to see and be aware of the most relevant items on a topic regardless of whether or not it is located in their own library, and this enhancement addresses that issue.

Example of default sort Relevance and Location:

Example: same results with sort by Relevance Only:

Enhancement:  Improved material type icons on brief results

What it is

OCLC is implementing new icons on the brief results page to better reflect the item type of the displayed record.

What it means for the user

It will be easier for users to determine if the record in the results list is what they want to read, view, listen to, etc.
fates of human societies

Enhancement:  New editions page

What it is

OCLC is moving editions from a tab to a new page that will open when the user clicks on “view all editions and formats” link that will now display on the results list as well as the detailed record.

The editions page will reflect the scope searched. For example, if a user scopes to The Ohio State University instead of Libraries Worldwide the editions will reflect only items held by The Ohio State University.

What it means for the user

It will be more apparent to users that there are additional items they may want to look at for a particular record.

All Editions

Enhancement:  Search within journal feature

What it is

On the detailed record for articles there is a search box below the bibliographic information that will allow users to search for other articles in the same publication.

What it means for the user

Users will be able to search for other relevant information in a journal publication.

Love global warming2

Enhancement:  Removed publication date for journals from OpenURL (UC-eLinks) link

What it is

The publication date has been removed from the OpenURL link, for journals, that is passed to OpenURL Resolvers for version 1.0 URLs.

What it means for the user

Results in the OpenURL resolver (UC-eLinks window) will not be limited to a publication year so users will see all available resources.

Result in OpenURL resolver with publication date.

Result in OpenURL resolver without publication date.

Enhancement:  Adding new field for OCLC number to OpenURL link

What it is

A new field is being added to the OpenURL link for OCLC accession number.  This is to allow OCLC ILLiad libraries to get the OCLC number passed into the patron request form.

The new field is rfe_dat.  This field will only have the OCLC number.  It will be in all OpenURL links.

What it means for the user

This may not be something the end user will notice, however, it is significant to the ILL staff processing ILLiad requests.

Note: You should not have to do anything to your ILLiad configurations to get this change unless you’ve made changes to your OpenURL mapping table.

Enhancement:  New downloadable search box

What it is

The new version will allow you to display tabs that limit the users search by material type.  For example, tabs could be Everything, Books, Articles and DVDs.  Up to five tabs can be displayed.

A simple version, similar to what you have today, will also continue to be available.

Each library can go to the following URL to configure and download the enhanced search box: http://<prefix> after September 7. Note:  UC will choose a solution for all campus versions so that it will be easier to test and support throughout the pilot period.

Search box customization options:

  • Layout: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Tabs:
    • Appear yes/no
    • Set default tab
    • Tab choices (can choose up to five)
      • Everything
      • Books
      • Journals/Articles
      • DVDs
      • Audio Books
      • Internet Resources
    • Language choices (English will be default)
  • Scoping dropdown Yes/No
  • Preview the search box with selections

Simple version of search box:

  • Default settings:
    • No tabs
    • Language option: English
    • Scoping dropdown
    • Horizontal orientation

Enhancement:  Buy from the British Library

What it is

British Library buying option will be displayed for articles supplied by the British Library.

Please note this option will only be visible for the libraries who display the “Buy It” link.

What it means for the user

Users will have the opportunity to purchase articles directly from the British Library.

Change:  Google Preview button


Enhancement:  reCAPTCHA

What it is

A new step in the WorldCat account creation process that will help reduce the likelihood of inappropriate content on

What it means for the user

The user must type the two words correctly to complete the account creation.