By Ivy Anderson, CDL Director of Collection Development and Management

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Holly Eggleston has accepted a position as Electronic Resource Analyst at the CDL beginning January 2, 2009.  Holly comes to the CDL from UC San Diego, where she has served as Assistant Head of Acquisitions since 2005.  Prior to joining UCSD, Holly worked in a variety of positions both in libraries and in the technology sector, filling positions as varied as business librarian; user assessment coordinator; the head of bibliographic management services at the University of Montana; software training coordinator at Bellevue Community College; project manager and database designer, development and training consultant at a Seattle-based technology company; and product support, software testing and quality assurance engineer at Microsoft Corporation.  Most recently, Holly has led two projects at UCSD that bode well for her new role at CDL: co-chair of the InCommon Library/Shibboleth project, a pilot involving six peer institutions; and chair of the UC San Diego Libraries Ebook Task Force.  Holly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Evergreen State College and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Washington.

Holly’s personal interests are as wide-ranging as her professional career has been to date.  In Holly’s own words:

“I’m a rabid generalist and always seem to be in the process of learning a new sport or skill.  Some of my more lasting interests include motorcycles, sustainable living, finding good happy hour spots, poker and camping.  Fun fact: I lived in the Mission exactly 10 years ago (for the six months prior to library school), and took trapeze classes at the SF School of Circus Arts.”

As CDL Electronic Resource Analyst, Holly will be responsible for two primary areas within the CDL Collections Program: organizing and managing the Resource Liaison program, and managing the technical integration of licensed electronic resources into CDL systems and services, including technical requirements, vendor relationships, and ongoing lifecycle management activities.  Holly will also have a major role in CDL’s implementation of the Serials Solutions ERMS.

Please join us in a warm anticipatory welcome as Holly prepares to relocate to the Bay Area and assume her new post at the CDL.