By Lena Zentall, CDL Project Manager, Bibliographic Services

CDL has convened an Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS) implementation team (iTeam) to lead the effort to move the ERMS into a production service for CDL on the Serials Solutions platform.  The team is comprised of representatives from different areas of CDL including Shared Acquisitions, Shared Content, Bibliographic Services, Information Services, Shared Cataloging Program, Licensing, and Statistics.

Adam Brin, Technical Lead
Jayne Dickson, Information Services
Holly Eggleston, Collections (starting at CDL Jan 2009)
Kate Garvey-Clasby, Shared Cataloging (UCSD)
Tony Harvell, CDL Acquisitions (UCSD)
Curtis Lavery, Licensing
Chan Li, Statistics
Margery Tibbetts, Lead Analyst
Lena Zentall, Project Manager

The anticipated timeline for the iTeam to carry out their charge is from November 2008 through June 2009.  Periodic updates will be distributed via CDINFO as key milestones are reached.

For more information about CDL’s selection of Serials Solutions ERMS, see the CDLINFO article  “Serials Solution Chosen as Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS)”  from September 22, 2008.  Campuses should feel free to contact Lena ( with any questions about CDL’s implementation plans.