By Holly Eggleston, CDL Resource Liaison Coordinator and Electronic Resource Analyst

CDL is pleased to welcome the following group of librarians to the Resource Liaisons (RL) program.  Resource Liaisons provide a crucial link between the UC system and our licensed resource vendors, as well as providing a link between CDL and the campuses.  Resource Liaisons serve as the primary conduit to communicate resource issues to vendors and CDL, as well as offering expertise and assistance for activities during the resource’s lifecycle.  Some Resource Liaisons are responsible for several databases on the same platform.

We thank the Resource Liaisons themselves, as well as the campus libraries that are contributing staff to this important program.

Access World News – Jim Ronningen (jronning@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU)
AccessMedicine – Janet Carter (
ACM Digital Library – Deborah Kegel (dkegel@UCSD.EDU)
America: History and Life – Marta Brunner (martab@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
Asahi Kikuzo II Visual – Toshie Marra (tmarra@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals – David Eifler (deifler@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU)
Beijing Superstar – Susan Xue (sxue@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU)
Bibliography of Asian Studies – Joseph Yue (josephyue@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
British Medical Journal – Craig Haynes (chaynes@UCSD.EDU)
Columbia Earthscape – Julia Gelfand (jgelfand@UCI.EDU)
Columbia Gazetteer of the World – Julia Gelfand (jgelfand@UCI.EDU)
Columbia International Affairs Online – Jesse Silva (
Digital Dissertations – Lise Snyder (lsnyder@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
Early American imprints – Kerry Scott (scottk@UCSC.EDU)
EconLit – Jim Church (
GPO – Brian Williams (brianrw@UCI.EDU)
HarpWeek – Becky Imamoto (rimamoto@UCI.EDU)
Historical Abstracts – Marta Brunner (martab@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
Institute of Physics (IOP) – Susan Koskinen (skoskine@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU)
International Index to the Performing Arts (IIPA) – Diana King (diking@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
LWW Online – Rikke Ogawa (rikke.ogawa@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
MIT Press Journals – Lise Snyder (lsnyder@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
NAXOS Fantasy Jazz – Ken Calkins (
NAXOS Music Library – Ken Calkins (
Nikkei Telecom 21 – Toshie Marra (tmarra@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
PsycARTICLES – Teal Smith (
PsycINFO – Teal Smith (
RAND California – Susana Hinojosa (shinojos@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU)
Scriver’s OMMBID – Janet Carter (
SourceOECD – Angela Boyd (aboyd@LIBRARY.UCSB.EDU)
Springer E-Book Collection – Michele Potter (michele.potter@UCR.EDU)
STAT-USA – Michael Oppenheim (moppenhe@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
Synthesis:  Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science – Julia Gelfand (jgelfand@UCI.EDU)
The Sixties – Jane Faulkner (faulkner@LIBRARY.UCSB.EDU)
Women’s Studies International – Diana King (diking@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)
World Bank e-Library – Angela Boyd (aboyd@LIBRARY.UCSB.EDU)
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts – Joseph Yue (josephyue@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU)

A full list of Resource Liaison assignments can be found at Please contact the appropriate Resource Liaison with questions or feedback regarding these CDL licensed resources.