By Ivy Anderson, CDL Director of Collection Development and Management

CDL and the UC Collection Development Committee, with UL endorsement, have jointly drafted an Open Letter to Licensed Content Vendors to advise content vendors with whom we conduct business of the serious economic challenges facing the University of California Libraries.  The letter asks vendors to work with us on creative solutions to preserve the greatest amount of content possible to meet the information needs of the University of California’s students, faculty, and researchers.

The letter has been posted to the Vendors and Content Providers page on the CDL website and has also been distributed to the Liblicense-L mailing list.  The letter received some national publicity via an article in the LJ Academic Newswire on Thursday, May 28, 2009.

Campuses are welcome to link to this letter from their own sites and/or adapt it for local use.  A copy of the letter has been mailed to major vendors and made available to Resource Liaisons to share with vendors at conferences and other venues.

Please contact Ivy Anderson ( if you have questions or comments.