By Holly Eggleston, CDL Resource Liaison Coordinator and Electronic Resource Analyst

CDL is pleased to announce the following resource liaison assignments within the CDL Resource Liaisons (RL) program.  Resource Liaisons provide a crucial link between the UC system and our licensed resource vendors, as well as providing a link between CDL and the campuses.  Resource Liaisons serve as the primary conduit to communicate resource issues to vendors and CDL, as well as offering expertise and assistance for activities during the resource’s lifecycle.  Some Resource Liaisons are responsible for several databases on the same platform.

Anthropology Plus – Martha Ramirez (
CINAHL Plus with Full Text – Bruce Abbott (
Declassified Documents Reference System – Juri Stratford (
Digital National Security Archive – Juri Stratford (
Historical Statistics of the United States – Joseph Yue (
Patrologia Latina Database – Sheila Smyth (
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Sheila Smyth (
Stat!Ref – Judy Bube (

We thank the Resource Liaisons themselves, as well as the campus libraries that are contributing staff to this important program.

To learn more about the Resource Liaisons program, please see