By Catherine Mitchell, Director, CDL Publishing Group

In a joint effort to respond to substantial and often unmet publishing needs and opportunities within the UC community, the University of California Press and the California Digital Library are pleased to announce University of California Publishing Services (UCPubS).

UCPubS offers a suite of publishing services that are robust and flexible enough to support the complexities of content, format, and dissemination that increasingly define the scholarly communications sphere.  These services are available to University of California departments, centers, or publishing programs that produce scholarly research publications.

Publishing Services

  • Book publication (electronic and print)
  • Journal publication (electronic)
  • Preprint and postprint dissemination (electronic)
  • Conference proposal management and proceedings publication (electronic and print)
  • Multiple/hybrid revenue models: open access and print sales
  • Scholarly marketing: listing in UC Press catalog, dissemination of book information to the book industry and libraries, indexing, and search engine optimization
  • Sales and distribution of print books: order fulfillment, warehousing/archiving, inventory control, credit and collections, customer service, and accounting
  • Print-on-demand
  • Peer review management
  • Persistent access and preservation
  • Sales reports and usage statistics

UCPubS represents one arm of UC’s broader effort to ensure a sustainable scholarly publishing system in the service of the University’s research and teaching enterprise.  Focused initially on supporting preprint, journal, and monographic publishing in both digital and print formats, UC Publishing Services will extend in the future to provide publishing support for non-traditional publications as they emerge in disciplines throughout the system.

Current publishing partners include the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP); the Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley; and the Global, Area, and International Archive (GAIA).

For more information about UCPubS, contact:
Catherine Mitchell, Director, Publishing Group
California Digital Library

Laura Cerruti, Director of Digital Content Development
University of California Press