By Lena Zentall, UC-eLinks Project Manager

UC-eLinks new website

UC-eLinks has a new face on the CDL website.

As part of the CDL website redesign, we reorganized and refreshed the UC-eLinks content we provide to library staff and our UC-eLinks Liaisons.

Some of the highlights of the new UC-eLinks pages include

  • Complete list of UC-eLinks staff with roles and contact information.
  • Citation Linker is now easier to find!  It’s featured on the home page and in the side navigation of every UC-eLinks web page.
  • A new section especially for UC-eLinks Liaisons.
  • Usage statistics from 2002-present for all UC campuses and from 2007-present for individual campuses.
  • Bonus feature: Top 10 lists of the most popular UC-eLinks targets and sources. These are the places UC-eLinks links to and the places linked from by UC-eLinks. Can you guess who’s number one? 

Usage statistics

Did you know we post UC-eLinks usage statistics on the CDL website?

You will find overall UC-eLinks usage for all UC campuses from 2002-present, and individual campus usage statistics from 2007-present.

UC-eLinks buttons working hard in 2009

In 2009, UC-eLinks processed a grand total of 9,230,853 OpenURLs.  What does this mean? This means that more than nine million UC-eLinks buttons were clicked by UC students and researchers in the path of their research – places like PubMed, Web of Science, PsycINFO, and Google Scholar.  UC students and researchers followed links 6,700,298 times to get to publisher sites, OPACs, Request and other services from the UC-eLinks window. In many cases they went directly to the full text of the article or book.