Users can now find links to HathiTrust volumes, including University of California Google digitized works, in the Next Generation Melvyl Pilot.  There are approximately 5.5 million digital volumes in HathiTrust, many unique.  Of these, about 1.1 million (and counting) have been contributed by the University of California libraries. Volumes determined to be in the public domain are fully viewable, numbering more than 850,000 from all the HathiTrust contributing libraries.

OCLC’s press release is available at

To see examples, search for one of these OCLC numbers in NGM ( ): 







1. Click on the item title to go to the detailed record.

2. Under “Find a copy online”, click on the link, “Show all links from other libraries”.  (Later this year, the link will appear as part of UC campus holdings.)

3. Click on the “HathiTrust Digital Library” link.

4. You will then go to the HathiTrust interface where you can search either the whole work, or selected sections.  

 Coming soon

Within the next few weeks, HathiTrust public domain volumes will also be available in current Melvyl via the UC-eLinks window.

And three cheers to…

Many thanks go to the staff and students at the UC libraries and regional library facilities (NRLF and SRLF) who made their collections available for scanning, and to all those at UC, CDL, and HathiTrust who did the final heavy lifting to make these available to our users.