CDLINFO News: May, 2010

Train train train…

May 10, 2010  |  Category:  Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

I’ve heard quite a few project managers say lately, “I don’t have any formal project management training,” as if to discount whatever observation they were about to make, because it … More

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Personal Archiving: Awareness and Events

May 7, 2010  |  Category:  Web Archiving  |  Author: 

Until recently, the field of Web archiving has largely been focused on preserving Web-based government information and content surrounding historical events.  The issues faced early-on by national libraries and research … More

How Portable Are Your Skills?

May 5, 2010  |  Category:  Opinion and Commentary  |  Author: 

In the good old days, you worked at the same job for the same organization your entire work-life. Oh, you might get promoted or transferred, but you didn’t leave. There was … More

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SCP Distribution Statistics for May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010  |  Category:  Collection Development,Shared Cataloging  |  Author: 

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) has released record distribution statistics for the week of May 3, 2010.  See:

NGM Pilot Usability Results: What do our users say (and do)?

May 3, 2010  |  Category:  Melvyl,Newsletter,User Experience Design  |  Author: 

By Ellen Meltzer, Information Services Manager Interested in how finding out how our users stumble or succeed in navigating the Next Generation Melvyl Pilot?  Take a look at the just-released … More

Getting things down: the case for documentation

May 3, 2010  |  Category:  Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

Half way down the Agile Manifesto (a list of the principles fundamental to agile software development), it states “Working software over comprehensive documentation.”  I don’t know how many of us actually … More

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