CDLINFO News: October, 2010

STAT-USA Ceased Operation on October 1st

October 29, 2010  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter  |  Author: 

By Jayne Dickson, CDL Information Services Analyst The STAT-USA/Internet website ceased operation on October 1, 2010.  STAT-USA focused on providing international trade information and U.S. economic statistics. The Shared Cataloging … More


Access to Landolt-Börnstein Content Changes on November 1st

October 29, 2010  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter  |  Author: 

By Jayne Dickson, CDL Information Services Analyst Previously, UC had licensed the Landolt-Börnstein content (data collection in all areas of physical sciences and engineering) from Springer-Verlag.  At the beginning of … More


Two Library Reviews Underway

October 27, 2010  |  Category:  Newsletter,Systemwide Library Information  |  Author: 

Ellen Meltzer, Information Services Manager Two reviews of UC’s libraries are currently underway: one of the California Digital Library (CDL), and a second of all UC Library services.   All of … More

UC Libraries Digitize 3,000,000 Books

October 27, 2010  |  Category:  Collection Development,Mass Digitization,Newsletter  |  Author: 

The Mass Digitization team at CDL is proud to announce that the 3,000,000th volume has been digitized from the collections of the University of California libraries! Reaching this milestone … More

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Web Archiving Workflows: Open Discussion Fri Nov 5th

October 21, 2010  |  Category:  Web Archiving  |  Author: 

Web Conference: Friday Nov 5th: 10:00-11:30am pacific Web archiving is a new frontier for libraries, and we’ve noticed that different organizations using the Web Archiving Service have taken a range … More

Meeting Notes: Better Results with Half the Work

October 20, 2010  |  Category:  Opinion and Commentary  |  Author: 

Is it your turn to take notes at an upcoming meeting? Give yourself and everyone else a break with a simple, cut-to-the chase method: record only what’s essential and ignore the … More

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UC3 EZID webinar 10/26 3:30-4:30pm PT

October 19, 2010  |  Category:  EZID,UC Curation Center (UC3)  |  Author: 

UC3 is offering a webinar on the new EZID (easy-eye-dee) service on October 26th at 3:30 pm (PT). EZID makes it simple for researchers and others to obtain and … More

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UC3 Merritt webinar 10/20 1-2pm PT

October 18, 2010  |  Category:  Curation Micro-services,Merritt,UC Curation Center (UC3)  |  Author: 

UC3 has recently released the new Merritt repository service. This new repository is the successor to the Digital Preservation Repository (DPR), and provides a cost-effective way for the UC3 community … More

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Leaping over tall buildings

October 18, 2010  |  Category:  Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

Can a project manager be a hero? Should she or he be one? These questions came up at a meeting here. Some felt that bringing certain projects to successful conclusion … More

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How to Host an Effective Virtual Meeting

October 13, 2010  |  Category:  Opinion and Commentary  |  Author: 

We spend our days attending lots of meetings, yet the well-managed meeting stands out as a rare gem. It’s not easy to run a good meeting, and in our increasingly … More

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