Several enhancements improve the user experience in the Next Generation Melvyl (NGM) Pilot as a result of OCLC’s Sunday, November 7, 2010 install.  The improvements, shown in detail in the PDF, include:

Changes to Format Facet and Format Limiter for WorldCat Local and 
The terms used in the format facet and limiter for WorldCat Local and have been improved and this function is now navigated by checkboxes so that users can include and exclude formats and subformats.

Corrected Clustering of Duplicate Articles from Centrally Indexed Databases
When an item is described in records from various databases, OCLC clusters those records together.  OCLC had been showing only one of the additional databases.  Now they show all the databases that the library has enabled and the user is authenticated to see.  The additional databases are listed as “Other Databases” and are hotlinked to the specific records.  

Removed Non-Functional Links to OPACs
If an institution (at any level) is a virtual group, then there is a link on the detailed record to get the holdings from the specific library.  There are some circumstances when those links will never function.  They will not function when the record is not from WorldCat (i.e. there is no OCLC number) and the item is not held by level 1 or when level 1 does not return OPAC results.

Peer Review Indicator
A Peer Review indicator will now display on the Brief Results and the Detailed Record pages.  An item’s Peer Review status is determined by an internal OCLC service which harvests data including Peer Review status from approximately 60 sources.  The indicator will display next to the format type on the Brief Results and beneath the publication information on the Detailed Record.

Configure ‘Full Text and Open Access Links’ Display Options
A new ‘Full Text and Open Access Links’ module is now available in the ‘My’ section of Service Configuration.  This module provides more granular control over the eLink display on the item details page, as well as the search results page.  (Note: UC will be investigating and discussing this enhancement internally before moving forward.)

Service Configuration Module Name Changes
In an effort to better organize configuration options in Service Configuration, several name changes have occurred.  (This is a behind-the-scenes enhancement.)

Enhanced eLink Displays on Item Details Page for OAIster and DOIs
Links to OAIster content have been moved to the library section of the ‘Find a copy online’ section’ to allow easier access for users.

Also, 901/c DOI fields have been hyperlinked and will now display in the ‘Find a copy online’ section’. 

(Note:  Per OCLC, “We are working on correcting the following eLink display issues as soon as possible: OAIster and Hathi eLinks are not currently displaying on the search results page, for institutions with this display configured.  Also, OAIster link location on the item details page will be updated to move the link into the institution’s link section.”)

Nielsen Evaluative Content
Nielsen Book Data cover art, reviews, summaries and award info will now display to provide more evaluative info to users.

Display LHR Data on WorldCat Local Item Details Page for all Formats (including supporting Service Config changes)
Local Holdings Record (LHR) display is now available for all item types (previously, only available for serials).   LHR display can be enabled on the ‘OPAC Statuses, Locations and Circulation Policies’ module in Service Configuration. LHR eLink (856) configuration is available on the ‘Full Text and Open Access Links’ module (pictured above).    UC will be investigating and discussing this enhancement internally before moving forward.

Customizable text on authentication prompt
The customizable sections of the prompt are the message, the remote login button text, and the link text to unauthenticated searching.  You can also elect to have a link to the advanced search page and a link to the previous page.  (This does not apply to UC at this time.)