Literature Resource Center (LRC):
Twayne’s Authors Online:
Scribner Writers Online:

Literature Resources from Gale (LRG) is the new gateway to the following systemwide databases — Literature Resource Center (LRC), Twayne’s Authors Online, and the Scribner Writers Online.  The Literature Resource Center (LRC) is now a stand-alone product, separate from the Twayne and Scribner series. The Scribner and Twayne series have migrated to the Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) platform.

On Friday, September 2, CDL will update the PID ( that currently links to the Literature Resource Center to point to the new Literature Resources from Gale platform. The impact of this change should be negligible to UC users as the LRG search will continue to allow the option of searching LRC and the two series (contained in GVRL) simultaneously.

If you have questions about these changes or the databases themselves, please feel free to contact the LRC (soon to be LRG) Resource Liaison, Frank Gravier, via email ( or by phone at 831.459.3319.