By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) provides catalog records for the University of California campus libraries.  Established in January 2000, the program is based at UC San Diego.  To learn more about SCP, see

Last month saw the distribution of a large number of e-book records. Leading the group was Early American Imprints (14,236) followed by Springer (2230), IEEE (313), SPIE (213), OECD (200), SIAM (180), Apabi (116), SuperStar (114), CRC Press (96), Knovel (76), Wiley (74), and Morgan & Claypool (55).

The SIAM titles represent a new package and content will be added on an ongoing basis over the coming year. About half of the Morgan & Claypool titles represent the first additions to the subpackage Synthesis Collection 4 which CDL added this past year.  We expect to send out a few hundred more Early American Imprints titles this month to finish up that package.

The majority of the Springer titles distributed were German language materials. Many thanks to our graduating student assistant Pearl Choi whose command of German, and being a great assistant in general, made the cataloging of thousands of these titles over the past year possible. The remaining titles added represent new content to existing packages.

On the serials side, distributions were on the low side with the major record additions limited to JSTOR (45) and China Academic Journals (30).