(All campuses except UCR, UCSF; on the Univ. of Michigan platform)

A new version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies was recently launched, along with an upgrade having close to 800,000 entries.  This new version offers a state-of-the-art discovery system with simplified searching and facet-based browsing.  Refinements based upon such categories as Author, Subject, Country/Region, Journal, Publication date, or Type of publication are provided through facets, and can be easily combined; the number of entries in each category is provided. A new category, Language, has been added. In addition, all records have been converted to standard Unicode, which means that the diacritic-rich entries of the BAS are now accessible to any modern browser without any need for special settings on the part of the user; these can be easily copied, pasted and printed in standard programs and are compatible with all generally available Unicode fonts.  Export to bibliographic management programs has also been improved and is provided through the RIS format.

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) has updated the PID to go to the new URL for this resource.