Power of Three (POT) 1 to build UC Digital Collection infrastructure
The NGTS Management Team held a kickoff conference call with Power of Three (POT) group 1, which has been charged to “Build the systemwide infrastructure to support digitized and born digital UC collections.” Given the scope and complexity of this charge, this particular “Power of Three” group has six members in addition to a project manager. The five priority actions encompassed in the charge are:

  1. Select and implement a systemwide Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) for those UC campus libraries that do not yet have one.
  2. Select and implement a discovery and display system capable of showcasing the richness of the UC Library Digital Collection.
  3. Aggregate existing UC Library digital assets, from all campuses, into a UC Library Digital Collection for purposes of discovery and display.
  4. Aggregate existing UC Library digital assets, from all campuses, into the Merritt Repository for purposes of long term preservation.
  5. Establish a UC Library Digital Collection Service designed to support and manage the resources and processes relative to the UC Library Digital Collection.

POT 1 will be analyzing and preparing an initial task list and timeline to be submitted to the NGTS Management Team for review in February.

POT 2: Transform cataloging practices
POT 2 has initiated discussion with Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) and Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group (CAMCIG) to assess adopting the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) standard systemwide.

POT 3: Accelerate processing of archival and manuscript collections
POT 3 has developed and issued a survey on Archivists’ Toolkit usage and campus needs.

POT 4: Simplify the recharge process
POT 4 has developed and issued a survey for the Acquisitions Common Interest Group (ACIG) to comment on the deposit system for CDL recharge.

POT 5: Maximize effectiveness of Shared Cataloging
POT 5 is working with CAMCIG to analyze the costs of stopping SCP record distribution.

POT 6: Develop system-wide Collections Services Operations
POT 6 has identified all existing and recently-concluded arrangements that have involved shared collection services across multiple UC campuses and will be following up with a survey on those arrangements.

POT 7: Transform collection development practices
POT 7 has conferred with the CDL Collection Development office regarding coordination of activities and is currently revising its task list.

CDL, all campus libraries contribute to the NGTS Implementation
Thanks to the CDL for purchasing a Survey Monkey license for NGTS use. This will greatly facilitate the assessment activities of the various NGTS teams.

We extend our appreciation to all of the UC libraries staff who are contributing to the NGTS implementation initiative. There are over 70 people from the UC libraries directly involved on teams at present. To everyone, we offer our warmest wishes for the holiday season.