By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) provides catalog records for the University of California campus libraries.  Established in January 2000, the program is based at UC San Diego.  To learn more about SCP, see

This month’s update starts with a few system and file processing notes. First off, a reminder that the last SCP files for 2011 will be posted on Monday, December 19 and the first file of 2012 will be posted on January 9. Secondly, as approved by the SCP Advisory Committee, SCP added “$x UC open access” to the 856 field in all appropriate records. Campuses received the first set of these updated records with the December 5th files. A second batch was sent December 12th, with the final set of records to be distributed in the December 19th files. Approximately 5,500 serial, 10,500 monographic, and 25 integrating resources records will eventually be sent. All new cataloging will bear this data as a matter of course. The addition of this data is designed to aid the campuses in selecting out these SCP resources when creating their local holdings records for OCLC. Lastly, to address problems with the rendering of some diacritics, SCP will move to distributing the SCP files in Unicode instead of MARC8. Assuming the campuses report no problems with a test file to be distributed, the changeover is planned to commence with the files of February 6, 2012.

The most significant serial record distributions for the past month were from EBSCO (140 titles), Open access (176 titles), and 19th Century newspapers (69 titles). For monographs, there was a large posting of new content from the Materials Research Society (777 titles) with additional distribution for CRC Press (103 titles), Wiley (84 titles), IEEE (64 titles), and Apabi (50 titles).

The UCSD Libraries will be closed between December 24 and January 2, reopening on January 3. Also, SCP staffing will be reduced the week of December 19-23 as several staff will be taking additional time off. Remaining staff will address problems as time permits during that week and staff will address any issues or problems arising during the Libraries closing period as soon as possible when they return on January 3rd. SCP staff wishes you and yours a wondrous holiday experience and a most prosperous annum novum.