By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services

SCP’s latest annual report ( is posted on the SCP website. The report contains significant details on our cataloging activities for the 2011/2012 fiscal year — the most significant of these arguably being that SCP surpassed the half-million mark of unique titles cataloged, 567,011. Of these, 527,297 were monographs, 39,063 were serials, and 651 were integrating resources. Considered over the 12.5 year span of the Program, this means SCP staff has cataloged an average of 45,361 titles per year. I highly encourage you to read the report and see what other accomplishments were performed by our six member team.

SCP catalogers attended an RDA serials cataloging webinar and now will create RDA serial records when appropriate. SCP is already cataloging integrating resources in RDA. Training for RDA monographs cataloging is scheduled for February 2013.

September record distribution highlights for serials were Early English Books serials (46 titles), Open Access (43 titles), JSTOR (38 titles), DragonSource (31 titles), and American Periodical Series (25 titles). We had a significant loss of titles (200) from EBSCO Academic Search Complete due to EBSCO losing access to all the Taylor & Francis journals. Highlights for monographs are Springer (294 titles), American Geophysical Union (256 titles), Knovel (239 titles), Apabi (224 titles), Harvard University Press (143 titles), Wiley (88 titles), and IEEE (83 titles). We distributed 43 records for a new package, Momentum Press. This package contains manufacturing, mechanical, civil, environmental technology, and materials science and engineering books. The Harvard University Press titles, which cover of wide span of topics in the humanities and social sciences, also represent a new package; however, only Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, and San Diego are subscribers.

Until next month …